Listing Information

MLS Number: A11559454
Status: Active
Unit Number: 101
Building Name:
Building Address: 536 NW 114th Ave, Sweetwater, Miami-Dade, FL 33172
Unit Size: 758 sq ft
Bedrooms: 2
Full Bathrooms: 1
Half Bathrooms: 1
Parking: 1 Space,Guest Parking
Rental Price: $2,300 ($3 PPSF)
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Floor Plan

Floor Plan

Building Information

Soleil Lake

Number of units: 240
Building inventory for rent: 1 (0%)
Building inventory for sale: 3 (1%)
Number of sales over the last 12 months: 0
Number of sales over the last 6 months: 0
Number of sales over the last 3 months: 0

Market Information

Building vs City

Soleil Lake: $334/sq. ft.
Fontainebleau: $312/sq. ft.

City vs County

Fontainebleau: $312/sq. ft.
Miami-Dade: $695/sq. ft.

Soleil Lake inventory for sale: 1%
Fontainebleau inventory for sale: 1%
Miami-Dade inventory for sale: 3%

Avg. time to close over last 12 months

Soleil Lake: 16 days
Fontainebleau: 33 days
Miami-Dade: 81 days

Building Photo

Aerial photo
Built in 1986 - 240 units - 2 floors

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